NOCTURNO HACIA EL PIREOIGLESIAS DESDE LA ACROPOLISAComplex city, birth-place of so many things, geographic transit to East, to Egeo and to the world of the orthodox religion. Maybe to many influences and passion together between Acropolisīs hill and the sea. The past can become as exhausting as the wet heat in the Athenian summer, or the crowds of people that this narrow and crazy city seems not to be able to accept, and, however, it can.




Athens also has that charm of the narrowīs , of the inhertited city, the continuous effort, however, to become adapted, to feel fine in its old urban area wiMUSEOSth the new avenues and motorways, chrystal buildings, warehouses, and the American shop windows, now, with Dorian columns reflected on them. Café terraces and restaurants, lots of jeweleries, the same souvenirs in every little shop, clothes shops, leather, second-hand-shops, with their items scattered all around, specially in Monastiraki, in the stalls. Or, on the other hand, perfectly cared, showing big international trades in the surroundings of Sintagma. 







URBANAThe street is the main thing in Athens, from the Omonia square, and through any of the streets of the "trident": Peiraios, Stadiou and Athinas; we will be able to enjoy the great Greek taste, in the streets, in peopleīs discussions, in any corner, and look how the world passes by.

RASTROGetting lost in Athens during three days can be the appropiate time to live the city, know it and visit the main museums and momuments. Itīs even a good time to get lost, to feel anxious with the crowds, traffic and noise.


Saturday, to visit the Acropolis, in the afternoon, cross Sintagma and Kolonaki up to the funicular of Lykabitos, climb to the cliff with nice weather and admire the sunset, the arrival of the night. You can just sit down on a stone, on a wall, or at a terrace and have what you want. For dinner, however, we recommend you to take a taxi to Plaka quarter and choose the best terrace. In general, food in Athens is excellent; never refuse a Greek salad, fish (few but tasteful), olive oil and wine.


RECONSTRUCCION ORDENMUSEO ACROPOLISSunday; Monastiraki, zone of Adrianou, traditional comerce and the satlls. If you presume to live in a civilizated country, you will find out that Greeks were before, and that they know perfectly what buying and selling is. Anything, at any price. Itīs not the Arabian zoco, nor the Turkish bazar, itīs the Athenian flea market. And in the afternoon, you can make the best of the only moment the city seems to be empty, abandoned, to wander to the area of the street Panepistimiu, with the public buildings of the Library, the university, and the National Archeological Museum, which you will be able to visit the following day.

ERECTEIONERECTEIONMonday; crazyness; even if your alarm clock rings too early, by the time you look through the window, you will find it poured by people and cars coming from somewhere. By then, you will know quite well the city, so do what you prefer; visit the not-yet-visited, wander, more museums...And go to some Orthodox Church; itīs worth doing it (Kapnikarea in Ermou street, Theodori, Dimitrios, etc) If you still spend the night in Athens, you can approach to the Pireo, Athens Port and have supper in Microlimano, by the sea: search, choose with your sight, and you wonīt fail.




Several final suggestions:

PARTENON. DETALLEA) Athens is the leaving point to its little Kingdom of isles, to the inlands, or to any country around, without forgetting about Middle East, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, etc. In the city you will easily find one of the lots of travel agencies which can privide you with bookings for the thousands of posibilities of voyages, flights, etc. If you can speak English, this will not cost you too much.

B) Donīt leave the Achropolis for the last moment. Get the monuments-museums ticket, and take your time. In our web, there is a graphic guide available. In the city, the National Archeological Museum is unavoidable.

C) Posibly, someone will have told you badly about the city. Check it by yourself. Its rehabilitation has been a hard an minuitious work, but itīs true the new buildings are destroying its charm.

D) No comparations are needed about the city, neither about shoppings. Big trades and boutiques are available, by a huge variety of local commerce. Jewelery, and specially gold, needs expert purchasers. Handcraft is abundant in souvenirs, although there are good reproductions at not cheap prices, but interesting for the lovers. Leather, metals and antiques also important. Mainly relevant, the leaf market.




Two important words in Athens, summer: "Nero, parakalo" (water, please)

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